Our Renowned Law Firm believes that our clients' success determines our own.


We create the best defense for your case, best legal strategy for complex cases with ease. Meticulous planning and flawless execution is our mantra.

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Our time-tested process for end-to-end understanding of the case, coupled with intensive research and advice have helped us get decisive results.

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Our team has a spectrum of specialities within Law, and also an unquenchable thirst for research on your case. When we do it, we make sure we do it right.

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The Falcon Legal team has senior partners and associates who have expertise in nearly all areas of Law, be it corporate, criminal, civil or among many others.

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Falcon Legal is a Mumbai based, one stop law firm that not only specializes in Criminal and Civil Law but also caters to Criminal and Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Arbitration, Due Diligence, Negotiable Instruments, Family Law, Transactions, Taxations, Intellectual Property Rights, Writ Petitions and general legal work of all types. Our partners, all leaders in their fields, are supported by a dedicated team of associates and support staff to deliver a bespoke personal service which is specifically tailored to meet every aspect of your legal requirements. Our impressive track record is based on quality thinking, straight talking and practical advice. We have excellent international experience and have been consistently highly ranked by the legal directories.
We act for a diverse range of individuals, companies and professional firms as well as international organisations and government departments. To all of them we offer a highly personalised service, a creative and dynamic attitude and a determination to achieve the best results possible.
The Firm is committed in offering the highest quality of legal advice to a diverse range of clients while maintaining a highly personal service and hands-on partner involvement. Falcon Legal understands that however major or minor the alleged offence for the individual involved, the experience can be traumatic and therefore we combine our top level pragmatic expertise with sensitivity and total discretion to provide the most effective legal remedies. Falcon Legal is proud of what it has achieved and looks forward to the future with enthusiasm and determination.
The Firm has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai and London.


Falcon Legal advises on legal issues in relation to start-ups, investments, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions which include the following:
a. Structuring of investment vehicles;
b. Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures;
c. Technology transfers & Licensing;
d. Technical assistance & services arrangements; and
e. Governmental & regulatory compliance and approvals.

We also advise on day legal structuring of commercial arrangement, corporate legal affairs, formation of legal entities in India & overseas, corporate transactional matters, commercial contracts and documentation. Falcon Legal effectively handles Employment matters including Contracts, ESOP’s (Employee Stock Options), Benefits, Disciplinary action and termination.
We provide end to end legal services with respect to a start- up company under the following four stages:

a. Making Initial Decisions:
Choice of Entity
Incorporation Jurisdiction

b. Forming Legal Entity:
Founders Equity Allocation

c. Planning for the Future:
Intellectual Property Rights
Legal and Tax

d. Funding:
Approaching Financial Investors
Due Diligence
Types of Funding
Investment Structure
We do drafting and reviewing of contracts to identify and benchmark the existing commercial and tax clauses with the best industry practices.
We also provide for drafting and representation in litigations such as:
a. Civil suits against sub-contractors/ third parties for specific performance of contracts, damages, etc.
b. Drafting SCN replies, appeals, writ petitions etc. and appearances before tax authorities, tax tribunals and courts
We assist you to understand all the obligations of the target company: its debts, rights and obligations, pending and potential lawsuits, leases, warranties, all high and impact laden contracts – both inter-corporate and intra-corporate.

We also facilitate you in examining all aspects of a company including manufacturing, financial, legal, tax, IT systems, labour issues, checking for regulatory issues as well as understanding issues related to IPR, the environment and other matters such as contractual documentation, litigation, ownership of movable, fixed and intangible assets.
We provide legal services for property transactions encompassing all facets of real estate:
a. Acquisition (land/development rights)
b. Procurement of Services (civil/supply)
c. Output (selling/leasing)
d. Investment

Service offering includes:
a. Investigation of title:
b. Scrutinizing title documents.
c. Identifying all applicable laws, rules and regulations
d. Identifying the approvals and clearances required

Specific documents drafting (illustrative)
a. sale agreements, conveyance deeds, mortgage deeds, lease deeds, leave and license agreement for commercial and residential premises, gift deeds and so on.
We give opinions on Indian Matrimonial Laws and Legal Systems. We also advise clients on matrimonial issues pertaining to Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, Custody and Access of child, Maintenance for women and Divorce related matters We Provide services and legal assistance pertaining to all the Laws of Marriages and Divorce applicable in India.
We handle cases pertaining to various negotiable instruments, including but not limited to:
a. Cheques
b. Bills of Exchange
c. Promissory Notes
We conduct litigation, arbitration in India. We also provide for disputes arising in banking, commodities, commercial contracts, sale of goods, debt recovery, public and private international law. We also deal extensively with the resolution of company and commercial disputes.
We conduct and offer services commercial litigation Civil & Criminal in the Bombay High Court, all the High Courts in India, the Supreme Court of India and all other Forums and tribunals in India.
We advice on and deal with the registration, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights including rights relating to trademarks, copyrights, patents, and designs. We also prepare intellectual property licensing and registered user agreements. Matters arising in connection with the media, communications and entertainment fields, computers, licensing and franchising agreements and data protection advice.
We advise on all the aspects of contractual arrangements pertaining to media laws and legal compliances. We also specialize in compliances of transaction work arising out of media laws and vetting of contractual & all other various legal documentations. Advisory pertaining to issues arising out of Intellectual property transfers and assignment rights for distributors, productions and fiscal arrangements for media corporations and individuals