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Sexual Harassment at Workplace Lawyer is an initiative of Falcon Legal Advisors (India) which is a premier law firm in India, handling all sorts of sexual offence cases in the court of law with its core specialization in ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplaces’ cases, regulation abidance and related awareness programs at all corporate levels across all major cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata etc.

Sexual Harassment at Workplace Lawyer as a site emphasise upon recent major changes in the laws in India governing to women employee safety at workplaces leading to introduction of a new act i.e. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. Also there have been some path-breaking amendments in related women safety laws including IPC 354 and rape law etc. Now, except agricultural sector’s daily wage women workers and defence sector’s women employees in India, all women employees are covered under the law of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, in other words from all domestic workers to MNC official to factory worker to hospital staff to NGO or Trust employee to sports federations employees to educational sector every women employee of all sorts of public and private sectors are covered under this new law.

As an employer it is not only a legal obligation to adhere to the law but also it does safeguard you or other senior employees from unwanted legal hassles which can vary from getting anticipatory bails or imprisonment. In fact being a sexual harassment at workplace lawyer it is being seen that if some company is found, not following the guidelines mentioned in the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act can suffer from permanent cancellation of the business license or Rs. 50,000/- fine or both. Anyhow the consequences could be in any form or scale but it will adversely affect the overall brand image or market value of the company or organization within just few days, tarnishing everything from reputation to credibility among employees or otherwise.

We at Falcon Legal Advisors (India) as sexual harassment at workplace lawyer are committed to serve you with best of our knowledge and experience, no matter which place in India your company’s office, factory or branch is we will send our specialized support team there onsite to the cities Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata etc. or nearby places for fulfilling all the law adherence requirements. We work on four basic paradigms i.e.

1. Formation of Company’s Internal Sexual Harassment Policy
It is strongly advised as sexual harassment at workplace lawyer to not to copy this crucial set of information from other company’s website or delegate this task to a non experience or non legal staff. Every company has different work model, employee shifts, employees on job travel schedules, third party interactions, and complain handling procedures or people etc. Any wrong or misappropriate information or lacking in the sexual harassment complaint procedure could cost more lately when things change to worse.

2. Formation of Company’s Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)
It has become mandatory for every company having employee’s strength more than 10 to have an internal complaint committee or redressal forum to address the sexual harassment cases inside the company. In case the company or institution is having branches then there has to be separate committee for every branch. There are fixed norms in regard to members of the committee and their respective work functions which should be followed as advised by sexual harassment at workplace lawyer.

3. Conducting Training Workshops
Theoretical knowledge is a must but this issue is so complex that facing real time situation could be totally different from the theories. The amount of pressure handling panic situations, decision making and its aftermaths are enough to make anyone numb for a while. We as sexual harassment at workplace lawyer give specialized training to Corporate Heads, CEO, Departmental Head, HR people and other important or key personnel empowering them with right approach and confidence to tackle any situation of sexual harassment at workplace in a most justified manner. These workshops including real time case studies are conducted in various modes i.e. one to one training session or small group workshop or full-fledged conferences comprising of 50 to 500 people.

4. Handling Sexual Harassment at Workplace Case or Legal Proceedings
Being sexual harassment at workplace lawyer specialized in the law we take up sexual harassment at workplace cases as and when required. Usually when ICC fails to deliver justice to the victim or under major adverse circumstances where immediate legal help is required. There may be time when company needs to state its proceeding and approach toward the incident before the court or from the victim’s perspective. We provide all sorts of legal aid, as the gravity of the situation remains that sexual harassment cases in India are so complex that even a highly experienced criminal lawyer needs to do a lot of research upon the subject before appearing in the court. As per our experience as sexual harassment at workplace lawyer a small ignorance or mishandling could lead to misrepresentation of facts before the judge further could lead to severe circumstance for the company or individuals.