Arbitration & Dispute Resolutions

Falcon Legal’s Arbitration team assists and represents its clients in institutional as well as ad hoc arbitrations seated both in India and overseas. We are adept at handling all aspects of Arbitral proceedings from serving default notice, obtaining interim relief from courts as well as arbitral tribunals, assisting and advising appointment of Arbitrator to the enforcement of arbitral awards in the High Court and Supreme Court. The strong skills in core commercial and corporate laws, along with the understanding of various business sectors empowers the firm to deliver comprehensive and effective guidance related to Arbitral proceedings to the clients.

The team exhibits proficiency in conducting Arbitration under a wide array of Rules across India & Internationally. We at Falcon Legal have considerable experience in providing state- of-the-art legal advice as well as representation with respect to issues faced by Corporate bodies during, pre & post Arbitration proceedings. Apart from Arbitration, Falcon Legal gears its approach towards reaching an amicable settlement through pre-litigation techniques such as mediation and conciliation so as to avoid protracted litigation altogether.