Intellectual Property Laws

Falcon Legal’s litigation attorneys provide clients with IP registration, enforcement, protection, and strategic counselling on all levels. We successfully handle patentability which includes filing, prosecution, pre and post-grant opposition, due diligence as well as proactively evolving effective patent strategy. Our team also undertakes trademark registration and protection. Falcon Legal assists their client with licensing, assigning and prosecuting its copyright material. In addition to that, our team also undertakes registration and protection from piracy of registered design as well as Geographical Indications. In addition to the above, Falcon Legal also provides strategies to safeguard trade-secrets of their clients.

An effective licensing strategy considerably enhances the IP value, hence we at Falcon Legal handle a variety of IP licensing and technology agreements for organizations ranging from start-ups to Multinational corporations/ established businesses so as to secure the inventions of our client, mitigate risks and leverage value of IP.