Media & Entertainment laws

Falcon Legal’s Media and Entertainment Law team is armed with comprehensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with a range of challenges that are posed in the Media and Entertainment sector by proactively detecting violations when prosecuting as well as representing their clients in all judicial forums. We assist in drafting and negotiating numerous agreements with respect to film production including agreements such as distribution agreements, licensing agreements including movie and music licenses, agreements to acquire artists and other personnel among others. It also includes book publishing & distribution agreements and also deals with infringement of its copyright. We also provide assistance in obtaining licenses for concerts and related events, CBFC certification.

Falcon Legal’s Media and Entertainment team’s advisory services include strategy related to the surrogate and comparative advertisement, advising corporations on monetizing their broadcasting rights, advises social media, OTT platforms and other intermediaries (applicable entities) on strategies to comply with the Code of Ethics and deal with the grievances raised against them. Falcon Legal also actively advises a company on how to start and set up media agencies including broadcast and television channel, print.