Real Estate

At Falcon Legal, our specialised team is in tune with the present and expected trends of Real Estate laws which extends not only in the area of conveyancing which includes drafting deeds for lease and sale, but also the commercial real estate such as investment in real estate (REIT) and other capital investments. Falcon Legal also undertakes Real Estate advisory wherein we help our clients to build a foundation and plan more strategically in order to enhance the value of their present or future real estate assets.

Our dedicated team of Real Estate lawyers are well-armed with the jurisdictional knowledge which is pivotal to the practice of conveyancing and due diligence of Real Estate documents. Falcon Legal’s forte being litigation enables us to represent our clients at various tribunals and authorities under MHADA, RERA as well as MOFA including the State RERA Authority as well as the Appellate Authority, Competent Authority, Registrar of Societies among others. We are regularly consulted and recruited by banks and other non-banking institutions for undertaking title search of properties that are being kept collateral for securing finance and also assist in preparing the loan and security documents.