White Collar Crimes

Coupled with a robust industry knowledge and up-to-date legal expertise, the White Collar Crime practice at Falcon Legal is equipped to provide all-inclusive services to clients both during preventative and also in prosecution stages in cases arising out of anti- bribery, corruption laws, bank frauds including offences under the Negotiable Instruments Act (cheque bounce) and money laundering among others. We at Falcon Legal have consistently proven our ability to effectively handle prosecution by assisting in filing of ECIR (Enforcement Case Information Report) as well as defending High Net Worth individuals (HNIs) by filing objections against attachment of property by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and subsequent litigation.

Falcon Legal has also been instrumental in offering its clients exceptional legal and regulatory compliances with the laws relating to foreign exchange and securities and also handles its fallout by assisting during an investigation by the ED and proceedings by the Authorities including SEBI, Securities Tribunal, appeals to the Appellate Authority and High Court as well as Supreme Court.